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Can't Add a New Property - JS Error



I'm a user of the Property Bag Settings 2010 and it works fine; Now, I'm working on SP Server 2013 and try the new PBS...

Installation OK, I can get the Property Values, but when I try to create a New Property : no effect.
I put the developper console on and found a Js error :
In french :
"SCRIPT5007: Impossible d’obtenir la propriété « hiddenButtonValueBeforeDialog » d’une référence null ou non définie
sp.ui.dialog.js, Ligne 2 Caractère 18269"

It's not due to PBS I think but the whole site works... so.

Thanks for your help if you have an idea.

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fabiomastelari wrote Oct 27, 2015 at 3:57 PM

Install en-us language pack on server, I've same problem and that fix it!